Best Spices To Add To Pizza Crust

When it comes to toppings for your pizza, there are really two main types of ingredients you have access to. The first is cheese, which can be spread onto the dough or stuck to the top as crumbles. This article’s recipe includes both!

The second type of topping is raw vegetable matter such as broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, etc. These are called “veggie toppings” because they resemble fake meat products that contain no processed meat extracts. They taste great and are almost like having cooked vegetables in addition to the flavor of the sauce.

This article will discuss five different spices that anyone could add to their personal collection to make delicious grilled pizzas. All of these additives can be mixed into either the dough before baking or the veggie toppings to give them an extra boost during cooking.

Black pepper

While most pizza toppings can be categorized as sweet, salty, or sour, one of our favorite additions is probably not given credit for its taste-amelinating properties.

Black pepper is considered an integral part of almost any cuisine, but adding too much may change the flavor profile you were looking for.

Too much black pepper in your food can sometimes taste like soap, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing! But we love it when it tastes more peppery, just think about that word.

Pepper contains antioxidants called piperines that help neutralize other chemicals in your body suchas fat. This antioxidant effect helps keep your heart healthy and functioning properly.

Since pizza has lots of sugar, salt, and butter already, topping it with extra black pepper can slightly de-sweeten, de-salve, and/or lower the amount of buttery flavor that first layer of cheese gives off.

This article will discuss some great spices to add to your pizza dough before baking and then we’ll tell you how to best use these spicies.

Red pepper flakes

While most people agree that olive oil is the best way to cook with, adding some red pepper flakes into your dough can’t be ignored. When baking pizza in a high-temperature oven, the dried seasonings will brown and toast, creating an extra flavor layer for you to taste.

Red pepper isn’t the only one available either; black pepper, chili powder, and even garlic all work well when sprinkled onto the pie before it bakes. All of these additions give off nice aromas as they toast, making them worthy additives.

Bay leaves

Another aromatic addition that can be sprinkled into your dough is bay leaves. These work best if you are making thin crust pizza as they will not burn in the oven when baking it. They also add an interesting flavor to the finished product!

Bay leaves are green, spiky leaves that come from a plant species called Laurus nobilis. The spice comes from the seeds of the leaf or berry. When dried, these berries turn brown and are then referred to as laurel powder.

They have many uses; some people use them to make tea by adding them to water and boiling them down. Others use them in cooking dishes such as rice or pasta recipes because of their rich flavor.

You can even use them to make a bedding material like dried herb pillows or mats to put under a mattress to help promote relaxation.

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