Can You Microwave Paper Towels?

When doing cleaning or washing tasks, paper towels are often needed to get the job done. Luckily, you can easily find ways to use your most-used resources in a new way!

Many people have experimented with microwaving paper towel rolls so they can use them like plastic wrap. While this may not be for every person, it is definitely an interesting experiment!

After experimenting, we wanted to share our findings in case this technique works for you.

Here are some tips for microwaving paper towels

While most paper towel brands will say they can be dried in the oven, that is not true. Most dry them in an internal drum where hot air is used to dry the towels. This process is expensively done using heat sources like burners or convection rings.

If you do try to microwave washable cloths, make sure they have markers on the thickness of the material so you know if they are thin enough to use as normal tissue paper or not!

Some people suggest drying wet paper towels in the refrigerator to help dry them but this does not work and could even hurt your health by spreading bacteria. The cold temperature may also affect how well the paper stays together.

Always read the packaging

For years, people have been asking if you can use paper towels in the microwave. The answer is yes, you CAN! Unfortunately, this does not mean it is a good idea to do so.

Using paper towels as a “steamer” or “toaster bag” will only result in burned plastic and watery foam that tastes weird. Even worse, some types of paper towels contain chemicals such as BPA that are harmful when heated.

Thicker, heavier grade paper towel rolls should be avoided because they may dry out more quickly which could cause them to break down and burn even faster. We recommend using thin, disposable paper towels instead. These are usually less than one hundred dollars a roll, making them much cheaper too! If you must use thicker paper towels, make sure they say ‘microwavable’ on the package.

Only use as many as you need

There are two main uses for paper towels. They can be used to soak up water or spread onto a surface to remove moisture or dirt. The average person only needs a few rolls of each type of towel, but buying more than that could actually cost money!

If you’re reading this article, then it is likely because you have run out of either kind of towel and you want to know if you can microwave them. Thankfully, the answer is yes!

You can put any brand of paper towels in the oven to dry or warm them. This is great since most people do not have access to regular drying equipment like clothes driers or large limes or cloths to use.

However, there is a limit to how hot a paper towel will burn before it becomes too thin and unusable. Also, make sure your paper towel is clean and very light weight so it does not melt in the oven when dried.

Let them cool slightly before using

For those who have run out of paper towels, or want to try something new, investing in some microwave safe paper towel rolls is an excellent way to refresh your home’s supply.

You can also make use of these roll-up papers when doing the dishes! They are great because you don’t need to pull out a box of individual paper towels, instead you just take one paper towel off the roll.

However, it is important to note that water cannot touch the plastic roll cover, only the paper layer. This will prevent the paper from drying and sticking like normal paper towels.

So, once again, be sure to either hang dry with no wet areas or use a glass bowl to contain any excess liquid.

They may not be as soft after microwaving

Although paper towels are usually considered to be a disposable item, some brands make them more durable through using plastic or cotton fibers.

You can also find re-usable paper towel options that have lids or covers you can put onto each roll to protect it. These protective covers help prevent water from getting stuck in the rolls and wetting the next use.

However, we do not recommend protecting your paper towels with a cover because this could cause moisture to seep into the fiber of the roll, compromising its durability.

They can make your skin sticky

Even though paper towels are usually made of recycled materials, some contain plastic additives that will burn in the microwave. These include polyethylene rolls or sheets as well as thin films such as biaxially oriented polymer (BOP) film.

When heated, these chemicals become increasingly viscous and may even melt into another substance. This could stick to other substances in the kitchen or outside the home, where you might use them for washing dishes, cleaning tables, or wiping down surfaces.

Some people have a bad allergic reaction when they come in contact with this material so it is important to know if you are able to handle paper towels before using them. If you cannot, then try another brand of paper towel or learn how to use washcloths or cloths properly.

Microwaving paper towels can damage the microfiber

Even though they are not totally necessary, using reusable cloth towels is a good idea. The best way to use a new set of paper towels is to either throw them in the washer or put them through the dryer first!

Why? Because both machines contain high heat that could potentially melt or burn the surface of the microfiber fabric. This would cause pores to close up, which would reduce the ability to lather soap properly and wash properly.

If you do happen to accidentally microwave your towel, quickly pull it out to prevent any longer term damages.

Microwaving for too long can cause the towels to burn

Many people have heard rumors that you can use paper towels in the microwave, but using them this way is not recommended. If you must use paper towels in a heated state, make sure to only do so for a limited amount of time or the towel may become burnt beyond reuse.

The reason why using paper towels as a washcloth in the microwave is not ideal is because they contain moisture. When wet, the paper rolls up and get tighter, making it harder to pull off excess water.

If you need to dry your hands quickly, then using a regular hand towel is better than using a microwaved paper towel roll-up washcloth.

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