Do Siamese Cats Have A Favorite Person?

There are two main reasons why people get attached to other living things- they love them, and they suffer when they’re not there.

People who love dogs know what I mean! They spend lots of money to have them, and then feel sad or angry if they can’t be with their pet for some time.

Cat lovers experience this feeling too, though less often than those who own a dog. That is because cats are self-sufficient little creatures that do not need human interaction to thrive.

However, just like humans can enjoy intimate friendships, many cat owners say that their feline companion has become an integral part of the family.

These relationships may seem funny at first– after all, how could someone possibly connect to a small furry creature that looks back at you with cold eyes? – but eventually, they come together in a unique way.

Certain behaviors and patterns only exist between two specific individuals, and sometimes it is hard to understand these connections unless you have experienced them before.

In this article, we will discuss one such relationship among several different types of Siamese cats. We will look into whether or not these cats develop special bonds with certain individuals.

No, they don’t

Sometimes people say that cats have a favorite person, but this isn’t true for most cat breeds. Some individuals are strong contenders though! For example, there is one white Persian who will never look away from anyone except his owner.

Siamese cats are not quite as outgoing or friendly with strangers as some other breeds. However, when they do make friends, their friend becomes the new “favorite person” for the cat.

This can be tricky to recognize since the two may not interact very much outside of the house. If you notice your cat acting more affectionate towards someone, try to determine if this behavior has gone beyond just liking them, by looking at the signs.

You can also check out our article about Does My Cat Act More Attentive Around Certain People. While it seems like he/she is obsessed with this certain individual, there could be another reason.

It depends

Does your cat have a favorite person? For some, it’s their owner, for others it can be another member of the family, and sometimes even a stranger!

For example, my two cats would always greet any passerby with kisses. Even if they didn’t know that person at all, they would still try to make them feel welcome by kissing them.

However, when my mom would visit us, both of those same cats would growl and hiss at her. They wouldn’t want anyone else to touch her!

This doesn’t seem like an affectionate greeting to me, but then again, I don’t belong to this world. 😉

It is important to remember that not every behavior is meant to mean something about you or your character as a person. Some behaviors are just plain weird. You should never take these things seriously unless they affect your relationship with the animal or someone else.

If you notice that your cat behaves strangely around certain people, talk to your vet or contact a local organization such as The International Cat Association (TICA) to see if there is a behavioral health class available near you.

They are very social

If you spend time with both sets of eyes, then it is likely that one will bond more with one person than the other. This can be tricky to work around as not only do they have different people in their lives, but also what kind of attention each gets!

One way to help mitigate this is by sharing your love for all cats with both individuals. Many facilities offer a chance to connect two separate kittens together so that they may meet later in life. A few even let you choose which kitten you would like to rehome after the introductions!

This is great because it gives them an understanding of how to interact with another cat. Since these two kittens have never met before, there could be some confusion or tension until they learn how to talk to each other.

They are not very social

The most common question about cats is “Do they like people?” Most definitely, they do! Almost every cat you meet was born to enjoy human companionship.

A lot of what makes a cat love someone is determined by how the person behaves towards the cat. If the person treats the cat with kindness, then the cat will return that affection.

But unfortunately, some people cannot seem to keep their distance even when they know it would be better for them. This can sometimes make it difficult to determine if a cat loves you or if it is just because of the person that it likes.

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You must choose a favorite

There is no such thing as a neutral cat, so it makes sense that most people have at least one friend who they can totally count on to enjoy some kind of activity with them. For example, if you know your friend will be watching a movie night with her/himself then you can bring along someone else to watch the same movie!

That person could be a casual acquaintance or even a stranger, but she/he would still feel comfortable sitting next to your friend while watching the movie. It’s like having a second cushion for your chair, you are already prepared.

For many people, their cat is just like that – he/she has a bond with them that is undeniable and never falters. They can always rely on each other and back each other up when needed.

They are just like dogs

There is some evidence that suggests siamese cats may develop strong bonds with specific people. When they meet this person for the first time, they may seem unusually friendly or playful towards them!

A few studies have reported instances of one cat becoming very attached to an individual. The researchers would then test the two together by having both animals meet under unfamiliar conditions.

The animal who showed more frequent interactions was usually determined to be the ‘favorite’. However, this only applies to adult cats- kittens probably don’t recognize love yet!

Siamese cats can become close friends, but no matter what kind of person you are, your cat will always have a favorite. It is impossible to know which human being their heart belongs to, so try not to take it too seriously.

They are very different

There is not just one person that every pair bonds with, there are many. Some people enjoy watching TV while others love to read or interact in conversation. Different things appeal to different individuals so it makes sense that cats would have their own favorite people as well!

Some pairs bond over playtime, some through snuggling, and some through conversations. What matters most is that each cat feels loved and comfortable when they’re together.

It can be tricky to tell if your cat has made an attachment to someone though. Sometimes they may get nervous around other people, or try to push away whoever you both were talking about.

That’s why it’s important to let your kitty lead you in terms of socialization.

They are very similar

When it comes down to it, most people can’t tell how one siamese cat is different from another. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it does mean that they don’t know what makes them special.

Siamese cats typically have very loyal personalites. If you treat each individual cat well, then they will return your love and friendship.

They also seem to develop strong bonds with just one person, which may be because they only meet that person for an extended period of time.

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