Does Black Seed Oil Need To Be Refrigerated?

Many people have heard of benefits of black seed oil, but there is some confusion about whether it needs to be refrigerated after you open a bottle. Some say yes, while others say no!

There are two main reasons that black seed oils should be refrigerated. The first is because heat can negatively affect the properties of the oil, and therefore it will not perform as well when used in your skincare routine or for health effects.

The second reason is ethical. Most black seeds are harvested by grinding down the fruits/seeds using a mortar and pestle, which produces natural petroleum-based compounds that go into the oil. This process releases carbon dioxide, which must be contained otherwise it could enter the air we breathe.

If the oil is stored without proper cooling, then this carbonation may occur, changing the chemical composition and potentially reducing effectiveness. There are special ways to cool black seed oils, so if this is an issue for you – do research!

Hopefully you will find this article helpful in confirming whether or not black seed oils need to be refrigerated.

Effects of cold on Black Seed Oil

Only refrigerate your oil for night or up to one week to preserve its effectiveness and promote better health. Do not freeze black seed oil, as this can result in oxidation and degeneration of the oil!

Black sesame seeds are first dried before being processed into oil. During processing, some of the oils may solidify, creating white chunks of oil called schists.

These schisms do not affect the quality of the oil, but you should be aware of them when using the product.

You will want to check that your bseol oil has no sediment at the bottom of the bottle, as this is normal and does not indicate anything about the potency or efficacy of the oil.

Effects of heat on Black Seed Oil

There are some reports that recommend refrigerating black seed oil before use. This is not necessary unless you find your bottle has broken down or gone bad after storing it at room temperature.

The reason people suggest this is because black seeds contain eucalyptus oils, which are very potent. When opening the capsule, these oils can separate and go rancid if there’s no way to prevent them from doing so.

If this happens, then parts of the compound may actually have negative effects instead of having health benefits. For example, studies show that some types of eucalyptol are antimicrobial, meaning they work against bacteria and other microorganisms.

However, too much of the oil could be harmful if you’re sensitive to one of its components.

How to store Black Seed Oil

Although black seed oil does not require refrigeration, we recommend that you do as fact sheets and product information suggest and keep your bottle of BSO in a cool, dark place.

You can also use the oil within one month if you put it in an opaque glass jar with a tight-fitting lid. Make sure to stir the oil every time you open the container to check for consistency.

The sun’s light may cause the oils in the bottle to degrade and separate, but this is only slightly detrimental to the quality of the oil. You will have to determine how much degradation is okay for your individual needs.

Beware of buying online or from sellers who offer free shipping by mailing their products directly from the manufacturer! This may not be a good thing because some health supplements must be kept in a dry location to preserve their potency, and heat and moisture are both factors that can affect the effectiveness of black seed oil.

Black Seed Oil benefits

Recent studies have shown that black seed oil is an effective treatment for many conditions, including acne. Because it can be mixed with olive oil, you do not need to refrigerate it before use.

Black sesame seeds are first dried and then roasted or heated in a process called dry roasting. During this process, some oils are evaporated and separated from the seeds.

These special heat-sensitive oils are then extracted using either manual or mechanical methods. While most of the literature suggests performing both, some companies only perform one or the other.

You should look up which protocols work for your individual batch of oil to ensure maximum effectiveness.
Thyme is one of the main components of black seed oil. It also contains bromelain, an antioxidant that has been linked to improved skin health.

Bromelain works by breaking down connective tissue in the body, so it helps improve the function of tissues such as skin. This may help treat symptoms of inflammation, redness, and/or swelling caused by irritants or allergens like cosmetics, chemicals, tobacco smoke, and stress.

It also aids in clotting blood, which may help reduce pain and scar formation due to injured muscles or bones. I would recommend trying 2–4 drops per day directly onto your skin pre-creamy product application or ingest them orally twice daily.

Tips for using Black Seed Oil

As mentioned before, black seed oil is an essential oils that comes in liquid form. It is not like other oils such as olive or coconut oil, which are both solid at room temperature.

Black seed oil can be very potent, so it must be used with care. Because it is more sensitive than other oils, you will need to take extra precautions if you feel it has gone bad.

Fortunately, there are some tips for how to use black seed oil. In this article, we will discuss them! So, stay tuned and read on to learn all of your needed information. 🙂

Disclaimer: The content written here should be complete already but if it isn’t make sure you have done your research and double check your dosing before starting any new health regime. Same goes for supplements, make sure they aren’t contaminated nor overpriced. If anything seems off just skip it until it feels right.

Now let’s get into the tips!

Tips for Using Black Seed Oil

Does Black Seed Oil Require Dilution?

Most people add water when taking bseol in droplets, however some individuals recommend mixing it with another oil first. Either way, making sure your skin is well moisturized is important since BSOO can sometimes cause dryness.

That said, most people don’t require dilution of BSOO unless the individual notices the oil going brown or burning while applying it.

Black Seed Oil recipes

Recent reports claim that black seed oil should not be stored in the refrigerator as is typically done. Some say this could potentially strip away some of its benefits, while others believe it does not matter if you use refrigeration or not.

It is important to note however that most people are advised against eating raw foods due to possible health concerns. The same goes for consuming unpasteurized milk products and fermented vegetables like kimchi.

Raw fruits and veggies contain live enzymes that help your body process food more efficiently. When cooking removes these enzymes, your body may not respond well to such foods which can cause nutritional deficiencies or even illness.

That is why most people recommend boiling or steaming fresh produce before serving it so that it has lost its enzyme content. With black seeds, however, there is no need to cook them unless you will be taking a powder form of the product. Simply heating the oil up slightly will eliminate harmful compounds.

Furthermore, research shows that black sesame oils retain their health properties when heated at temperatures above 250°F (121°C). This means that you do not have to worry about destroying all of the beneficial components of the oil if you heat it up just right!

Black seed oil comes with many claims and little scientific evidence to back up those claims. Because of this, it is best to exercise caution until we know better what effects, if any, refrigerating the oil has on it.

Black Seed Oil usage for health

As mentioned before, black seed oil is an essential oils that comes in liquid form. It’s color can range from light tan to almost solid depending upon which type of oil it is.

Most people agree that darker colored oils are more powerful than lighter ones – this is why we sometimes hear about people using sunflower or olive oil as a topical treatment and they work just as well (if not better) than coconut oil!

That doesn’t mean you should never use warm black seed oil though, especially when your body has a very thin layer of it. When applying topicals onto the skin, there is a risk of the product getting washed off if the texture is too thick.

Black Seed Oil side effects

As with any new skincare product, there can be some unexpected reactions. If you experience any of these symptoms, stop using the oil immediately and try re-applying it after the condition has resolved.

The most common black seed oil side effect is dry skin. This usually goes away within a week as your skin adjusts to the oil.

If your skin becomes itchy or you notice red bumps, that is also normal flushing. A small amount of this oil may bring about more rapid blood circulation, which helps remove dead cells and impurities.

Another unlikely reaction would be an allergic reaction. If you have known allergies to other oils in this same family, do not use black seed oil unless advised otherwise.

Black seeds are hard and thick, so making sure you mix the right ratio takes some time. Make sure to test a little bit at a time on your hand before investing in a larger bottle.

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