How Long Do Parakeets Live?

Even though they may look like the cutest little fluff balls, parrots can be expensive birds! Luckily, there are some things you can do to make sure your bird is as happy and healthy as possible for as long as it lives.

It’s very important that you take care of your bird at home, but here we will discuss how much time most parrot owners actually spend caring for their pets.

Many people get new birds when they already have one, or two older ones. Unfortunately, these earlier birds don’t get the attention they need because people often forget about them once their new pet has been added into the family.

By now, you probably know that giving away leftover food is not a great idea, so if you happen to have any crumbs or bits left over from dinner, try to save those for later.

You also should never put your hand in front of an animal’s mouth, even if it is just to give it something to hold onto. This could hurt or seriously injure your bird!

Lastly, if you notice your bird acting nervous or scared, immediately remove all sources of distraction such as toys or other animals. Take it outside or move somewhere private where it can calm down.

The environment affects how long parakeets live

A lot of people believe that if you give a bird a large house to inhabit, it will live longer. This is not true!

This theory was perpetuated in the past due to birds being marketed as “life size” decorations or companions. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous breeders take advantage of this by giving away their babies for free!

These birds are never properly socialized and usually end up getting put down because they are missing out on important interactions with other species.

Not only that, but since these birds have very thin feathers, they cannot regulate body temperature so easily which can cause death due to heat exposure or cold exposure.

Overall, be careful about buying a pet at a price tag that seems too good to be true.

Parakeet health affects how long they live

The length of time your parrot will live depends largely on its health at various stages in life. If you are looking to adopt a new bird, you should know some information about different species’ average lifespans.

Some sources say that canis lupus (commonly known as dogs with heart disease) live an average of 2–4 years, while other breeds have shorter lives due to genetic factors.

This is not true for all parrots! Although genetics play a factor, many experts agree that most parrots are relatively healthy during their early years.

That is why we recommend only buying young birds which are at least six months old. More experienced owners may also refer to these avian general guidelines when deciding if a particular breed is too expensive or difficult to take care of.

Stress affects how long parakeets live

When birds are stressed, they can develop medical conditions or even die of their stress-related illnesses.

Stress is very difficult to avoid when owning any kind of bird. Birds require exercise, mental stimulation, proper diet, and shelter in order to thrive. If these needs are not provided, then health issues will occur for your pet.

Birds that are exposed to excessive amounts of stress may suffer from eating disorders such as pica (eating nonfood products) or rummaging (where they search through garbage or dead animals looking for food). Both of these behaviors can result in choking or digestive system damage, which could be fatal for the bird.

Other symptoms of physical stress include weight loss, diarrhea, vomiting, huddling under blankets or other coverings, and changes in activity level or mood. All of these signs indicate stress to the bird’s body.

Reputable or illegitimate breeders?

Recent studies claim that many parrot species can live well over ten years! This is definitely an encouraging sign for bird lovers as there are still several popular types of birds you can find at pet stores around the world.

Sadly, not all sellers tell the truth about how long their birds will live. Some may exaggerate the lifespan of a bird to make a profit, by saying older birds just grow weaker and less intelligent.

This theory does not seem likely since most animals naturally grow old. If this was true then we would have no puppies or kittens due to aging owners.

Furthermore, older birds usually require more care which makes it even harder to believe they will die soon. It is much better to be aware of up-to-date information about animal ages so that you don’t buy a sickly looking bird.

There are some things you can do to help your bird live longer than one year though! We discuss those here.

How to keep a parakeet

Even though they are called “birds,” most parrots are not actually birds. They belong to the order Psittaciformes which includes species like macaws, cockatoos, Hawaiian kaka, canaries, and more!

However, just because they are not true birds does not mean that they do not live for a very long time!

Most parrots in captivity will spend their lives living up to three years. This is due to several reasons; food may be limited or lacking, space can be an issue, and some owners cannot handle the stress of the bird.

They need exercise

While some people believe that parrots will live forever, this is not true! Most birds reach the age of 5 to 10 years at the very most!

Most parrot species in the wild are born and spend their lives traveling, exploring, finding food, and interacting with other animals. This is how most captive bred birds stay alive – they are confined to a space for hours every day where they do nothing but sit and think about being fed.

Sadly, when these birds are no longer hungry or interested in eating, they may suffer from malnutrition and weight loss. If this happens before the bird’s normal lifespan, it can cause death due to lack of growth or possible infection.

On the other hand, if you take good care of your pet, give it enough food and play time, and keep it out of the shelter, then it should live a healthy life.

They need space

Even though some people claim that parrots live for years, this is not true! Most birds only live around three to five years depending on their breed.

A lot of things factor into how long a bird lives including what kind of food they are given, how much stress they are under due to lack of space or being overfed, and if they get enough rest.

Birds who are loved and cared for will probably live longer than those who do not receive as much attention.

Many people think that since birds speak human language, then they must be intelligent and have mental functions such as thinking and feeling which can contribute to them living longer.

However, even very smart animals like dogs and cats do not usually live more than one or two years beyond the age when they were put up for adoption. This shows that other factors play a bigger role in determining animal lifespan.

They need food

While some say parrots live for twenty years, this is not true! Most birds reach one to two years of age before they start eating enough to make themselves grow.

Most young birds begin by picking seeds or insects out of their diet, and then progress onto fruits and vegetables.

As they get older, however, these things must be cut down in size or proportionatedly mixed into the meal so that it is adequate for them.

This is why most bird owners find that even though their birds were given an early death due to poor nutrition, it was his/her own fault because he/she grew too quickly.

Birds are very careful about how much food they have, and will never seem hungry.

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