Who Is Jelly Roll Related To?

The answer to the question of who is jelly roll related to is an interesting one. Jelly roll is an iconic figure in the blues and ragtime music scene, and his family tree has been the subject of much speculation and debate. In this blog, we will explore the various theories of who jelly roll is related to, and delve into the history of the man behind the music.

Historical context of jelly roll’s family

Historical context of jelly roll's family

Jelly Roll Morton was a pioneering figure in early jazz music, and he is related to an equally pioneering family in American music history. Born Ferdinand Joseph LaMothe in New Orleans in 1890, Jelly Roll was the son of Edward LaMothe and Daisy Warner. His father was of French Creole descent, and his mother was of African and white descent.

His family was also related to the legendary clarinetist, Sidney Bechet, and the jazz trombonist, Kid Ory. As a result, Jelly Roll was exposed to a range of musical influences from an early age.

He was also the cousin of jazz greats, Willie and Louis Armstrong, who went on to become two of the most influential figures in jazz and popular music. Jelly Roll Morton was an innovator in jazz music and his family had a long-standing history in music, making them an important part of jazz history.

Notable family members of jelly roll

Jelly Roll is a unique figure in music history, as he blended elements of ragtime, jazz, and blues to create a truly innovative sound. His influence is still very much alive today, and he was related to many other musicians, producers, and songwriters. Jelly Roll’s brother, Ferdinand Morton, was a popular jazz bandleader and an influential producer.

Jelly Roll’s brother, Ferdinand Morton, was a popular jazz bandleader and an influential producer. His daughter, Anita Gonzales, was a well-known singer and pianist. His nephew, Arthur “Fats” Morton, was a highly regarded jazz trumpeter and composer.

Jelly Roll’s great-grandson, Stephen Morton, is a Grammy-winning songwriter, producer, and musician. It’s clear that Jelly Roll’s influence has extended far beyond his own career, inspiring future generations of musicians.

Jelly roll’s famous relatives

Jelly Roll Morton was a legendary jazz pianist and composer in the early 20th century. His expansive career and influence on the music industry has made him an icon of the genre. But did you know that Jelly Roll has some famous relatives?

From jazz singers to music producers, Jelly Roll has quite the family tree. His cousin, Kid Ory, was a famous jazz trombonist and bandleader.

His nephew, Hal Singer, was a celebrated saxophonist, while his niece, Gail Wynters, was an R&B singer and songwriter. Even beyond his family, Jelly Roll was also related to producer and composer Quincy Jones, who has gone on to become one of the most successful music producers of all time.

The legacy of jelly roll’s family

Jelly Roll Morton is a legendary figure in American music. His family tree is a complex one and includes several notable names.

Jelly Roll’s father was a tailor who traveled the country selling his wares, and his mother was a seamstress. His maternal grandfather was a freed slave who became a successful landowner in Louisiana, and his paternal grandfather was a professional gambler. Through his mother’s side of the family, Jelly Roll was related to the famous New Orleans musician Buddy Bolden, and his sister-in-law was legendary jazz singer Billie Holiday.

He was also related to the influential jazz musician and composer W. C.

Jelly Roll’s legacy lives on through his family, who still make music and perform in the same style as he did.

Understanding the significance of jelly roll’s family

Jelly Roll Morton was an iconic figure in jazz music, and his family has had a huge influence on the genre. Jelly Roll’s father, Ferdinand LaMothe, was a well-known vaudeville entertainer, and his mother, Rose Palmer LaMothe, was a talented pianist and singer.

His brother, James LaMothe, was a professional trumpet player, and his sister, Elizabeth LaMothe, was a professional dancer. Jelly Roll was also related to other notable figures in the world of jazz, including cornet player Joe King Oliver and pianist Willie “the Lion” Smith. All of these family members played a crucial role in Jelly Roll’s development as an artist and helped shape the direction of jazz music as a whole.


In conclusion, Jelly Roll is a popular American rapper who has collaborated with a variety of artists and producers. He is related to the late rapper Big Tuck and has gone on to have a successful career in the rap industry.

He has been featured on multiple tracks, albums, and has released his own music.

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