Why Was Lizard Lick Towing Cancelled?

While taunting livery drivers is never okay, there are some instances where it’s necessary to get a good word-to-word understanding of how someone spells their name or whether they use “Sir” instead of “Mr.”

In this case, the driver in question was not only using poor grammar and spelling but also made several statements that could be considered racist.

After making these comments towards the taxi driver, who at the time happened to be an immigrant from India, lizard lick began receiving numerous complaints. Many people took screenshots of the conversations and posted them online for everyone to see.

A few days later, when the two met again, the same driver called the police because he said lizard lick threatened him with a gun. No one really believes this story since no gun was ever mentioned and witnesses say the driver seemed calm.

This article will talk about why this popular car washing company was canceled and what you can do if this happens to you. It will also discuss reasons why this kind of business needs to exist and how to prevent similar businesses from opening.

Lizard Lick is a brand of lotion

This past May, an online article was published about why lizard skin salves are totally bogus. The article called out Lizard Lick as one of the most popular brands that contain this alleged ingredient.

The article mentioned some reasons why lizards do not develop thick layers of protective callus like humans do when exposed to acid or alkaline substances. It also noted that while it is possible for reptiles to grow thin coats of skin in special conditions, adding any sort of chemical to their natural oil production can be disastrous.

At best, the extra coat of skin will not form properly and may even potentially hurt the animal. At worst, it could harm them by acting as a barrier to prevent internal fluids from moving around.

The brand is not protected by trademark

Many people have noticed that the lizards in the livery do not seem to be using their tongues for licking anything, nor are there any reports of them being able to be trolled out or requiring help from anyone. This could either indicate that something has gone wrong with their product, or they have actually been replaced!

A rebranding company took over the vehicle’s branding back in May 2018, so it seems most likely that the former owners lost the right to use the name somehow. It is important to note that this does not mean that they stopped doing business, but just that they were unable to continue under the same moniker.

There is some speculation about whether or not the new owner registered the name as a trademark, but nothing can be verified at this time. If they did register it then they would receive legal protection for the name, but it appears that they did not.

It is also worth mentioning that even if they had, changing the spelling or adding an extra letter will technically make your trademark invalid. Some experts believe that replacing the “l” with an “i” makes it harder to recognize, which may explain why nobody came across the tow truck while looking up products that start with the word ‘Lizard.

A number of customers complained

Many people noticed that the towing company was never seen or heard from after they were paid to tow away their vehicle. Some even reported being threatened with arrest if they tried to contact them!

A few days later, some unlucky drivers found out why when they attempted to retrieve their vehicles. They discovered that the cars had been sold and the new owners posted pictures and information about the car online.

It is very common for towing companies to be bought by bigger towing companies who will then rebrand the service and use it as a way to get more business.

Because the original owner’s details are often retained in case of a police investigation, this can sometimes give the wrong impression. People may assume that the company has been closed down because it did something illegal, while actually it has just gone through a relabelling process.

This can hurt their reputation and prevent them from getting future work due to negative reviews. It also raises questions over whether the towing company is trustworthy since they no longer seem to exist.

The company did not have insurance

This week, an incident took place that got many people talking. A towing company in California made headlines for allegedly attacking and threatening a motorist while they were trying to tow his vehicle.

The reason this happened is because the towing company didn’t have proper liability coverage when they picked up the vehicle. They only had limited personal injury protection (PIP) coverage which covers things like medical bills and lost wages, but nothing else.

This means that even though they are licensed to do business in California, they don’t actually have enough money insured to pay anyone if something happens to their car.

It also doesn’t cover property damage or legal fees which can be very expensive if you file a complaint with the wrong authorities.

Luckily, people fought back against this illegal practice and helped expose the truth about what takes place behind the scenes at most towing companies.

The company went bankrupt

Last month, reports surfaced that the popular car wastow service company in Lancaster, California had gone out of business due to poor customer reviews as well as vehicle theft.

The reason for their downfall came down to how much money they made off of lice tawing. Companies like Lyft and Uber offer people transportation services through their apps, which most people now use over lictor services because they feel uncomfortable letting someone else take control of your safety.

Since these companies pay regular taxi’s fees per ride, there is no incentive to keep up professional standards of care. There have been several stories of taxis leaving dangerous vehicles running with the keys still in them or thieves stealing cars right next to the towed ones, endangering anyone who uses the cab at this already vulnerable time.

By offering lite tow jobs, Lloydt paid less than half what a normal taxi would cost, making it very expensive for people who are just looking for some help getting back home. This caused many dissatisfied customers to leave bad online reviews about the company, hurting its reputation even more.

The company went out of business

In May 2019, just months after being publicly announced as one of the top 10 livery companies in America, the owner of Lizard Lick Towing canceled his service. This didn’t come as a surprise to most people because he had been hinting at it for some time now.

A few weeks before they were shut down, several customers reported issues with their vehicles that needed to be fixed. When the owners would show up to work, there was no car available, nor were any phone calls returned when they tried to contact them.

It is important to note that even though Lizard Lick has closed its doors, this does not mean that they are gone completely. According to reports, all of their equipment and materials have been sold and the new owner will continue offering auto repair services under the name “Lizard Tech.”

This article will talk more about why Lizard Lick Towing was cancelled, what caused them to close their doors, and how you can help make sure similar things don’t happen to you or others. But first, let us take a look at the reasons why Lizard Lick was able to get into such a respected position back in 2017.

The company is not accepting returns

Over the past few days, reports have surfaced saying that popular towing service LlcTrucking.com has shut down its business due to poor customer reviews. It seems that many of their customers are unhappy with the way they were treated while using the service.

Many people complained about how much money it took to get their vehicle back after being towed away and about the long time it took to receive a refund. Some even said that they would never use this towing service again!

Since starting up in 2009, Llctruckling quickly became one of the top rated towing services in America. They also received several awards for their excellent customer service.

However, recently things seem to be going downhill fast for them. If you happen to use their service then we recommend staying well clear until they have sorted out their issues.

The company sold its assets

After nearly two years of trying to survive, it was announced that Lizard Lick Towing had officially shut down their business permanently earlier this month. This comes as no surprise as they were put out of business twice due to poor customer service and damaging reputation.

In May 2017, just one day after releasing a statement claiming to have “no plans” for bankruptcy at the time, owner Alan Gray filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection. He listed his total debts in excess of $1 million, making this announcement all but inevitable.

He would later be hit with another lawsuit alleging he stole around $500,000 from customers by taking advantage of them during the downturn. Many of these victims say they will never get back their money or receive an adequate refund.

This is not the first time Lizard Lick has faced backlash over their business practices. Back in June 2016, reports surfaced saying that employees were instructed to falsify insurance documents to make it seem like their truck was in better condition than it really was.

This allegedly allowed the company to obtain more liability coverage which helped it remain open while underpaying on collision damage warranties it owed to clients. They even paid some workers less so they could qualify for lower employee benefits!

It seems there are very few people who truly know what goes on behind closed doors at Lizard Lick. It also raises questions about how trustworthy they can actually be. As such, we cannot recommend investing in their products or services.

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