How Long Can You Keep A Crossbow Cocked? 

The answer to this question really depends on the crossbow. Some crossbows have a cocking device that allows you to keep the bow cocked for an extended period of time.

Other crossbows may only allow you to cock the bow for a certain number of shots before you have to un-cock it and re-cock it. As a general rule, you should uncock the crossbow if you are not going to shoot it within five minutes.

How do you un-cock a crossbow without firing it? 

There are two main methods you can use to un-cock a crossbow: The first method is to use a bowstring release tool. The second method is to use a crossbow un-loader.

A bowstring release tool is a small tool that you insert into the bowstring groove on the crossbow. Once you have inserted the bowstring release tool into the bowstring groove, you loosen the screw on the tool. This will release the bowstring from the crossbow.

The crossbow un-loader is a small device that you use to un-cock a crossbow. The crossbow un-loader has a small arm that you insert into the crossbow. The small arm has a small hole in the end of it. Once you have inserted the small arm into the crossbow, you pull the arm back. This will un-cock the crossbow.


Crossbows are designed to be held in a cocked position for an extended period of time. According to most manufacturers, crossbows can be cocked for extended periods of time with no negative consequences.

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